Canine Icer™ - Shoulder Icer
Canine Icer™ - Shoulder Icer

Canine Icer™ - Shoulder Icer

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CANINE ICER™ - Shoulder Icer

Half jacket that allows you to ice or warm the shoulders and upper back.

Shoulder Icer


M1: Length across shoulder elbow to elbow.

M2: Circumference of the chest barrel at its largest point.

M3: Length across the chest midpoint of shoulder to midpoint of shoulder.

M1 Size: S: 18-20" / M: 20 1/4" - 24" / L: 24 1/4" - 28" / XL: 28" +



Icers are made of strong and insulating Neoprene® or 500 Denier Cordura® Fabric with a soft lining of cotton Lycra® pockets that hold the ice or warming packs and are held in place with Nylon webbing and Velcro® to allow for maximum adjustability.

Benefits of Icer:

Canine Icers™ allow you the systematically apply ice packs to the major joints and muscles of your dog.  When used following an injury or operation, they can speed recovery by reducing  swelling through a consistent and even application.  Canine Icers™ also work well for heat and magnectic therapies.  Canine Icers™ are custom designed to ensure the health and well-being of your canine companion.

What is a Canine Icer™?

Canine Icers™ are unique and innovative wraps for our dogs which bring years of equine sports medicine to the aid and benefit of our canine companions.

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